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Welcome To Success Group Services Company

  Success Group Outsourcing services Co., Ltd. (SESCOM) is primarily a trading and engineering service company specializing in the supply of equipment, Flow meter, Gas Detector, Analyzer, Fire alarm, smoke detector, heat detector and all spare part to the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Power plant industries. The philosophy of our company is to focus on supplying high quality products, services with reliability often demanded by these industries. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the facilities services outsourcing industry. We get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We are fully covered and well prepared from initial system design, installation, commissioning, calibration, training, service contract and system package engineering. Our extensive database system on representative products and engineering services provide cost effective and simultaneously improve on delivery times and project management schedule.

Customer Relationship Management considering as importance point on our company policy. We continue to improve our client's satisfaction, providing most suitable solutions for our clients’ requirements and constant improvement efforts on our product knowledge, engineering skills and technology to provide superior benefit of our clients.


SESCOM Vision :

" To be professional company providing engineering and Plant service "


Flow Measument Services :


SESCOM provides flow measurement services for liquid open channel and pressurized pipe applications throughout Europe. The services include verification and calibration of installed flowmeters, measuring campaigns & consulting. We uses a wide range of Ultrasonc Flow Meter from Germany and technologies in order to best suit application.

We are able to provide a total solution to meet any specific flow measurement application. Whether the application is open channel, gas, compressed air, liquid or water, sea water, chiller, effluent flow or pipe flow measurement or for industrial processes, environmental, water treatment or water resource monitoring, RS Hydro will identify the operating requirements, select and procure the most suitable equipment, install and commission the flow measurement device. Technologies include clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, non invasive gas meters, non contact ultrasonic.

SESCOM have and continue to provide extensive meter calibration and verification services to the water, environmental and industrial sectors. In-situ verification involves the process of testing a flowmeter in-situ utilising portable calibrated flowmeters. The primary cell is tested utilising reference meters, where as the transmitter is tested utilising specialist simulators. Telemetry and signal loops are tested utlising simulators and loop calibrators. In total, this process can establish and eliminate errors between the meter, it's transmitter and signal loops


Ultrasonic Flow Meter : Flexim Brand



PIOX S - Concentration and Mass Flow Measurement

Non-invasive Concentration and Mass Flow Metering

PIOX S is primarily used for the concentration analysis during process control, the dosing of chemicals or for overall quality control. Further applications are the supervision of crystallization or phase separation processes for a proper product identification. Alternatively, density, yield rate, Brix or other customer specific measurement values can be displayed.

Combining these features with the integrated volumetric flow measurement , the PIOX S system is capable of calculating the (concentration compensated) mass flow rate. 



Balanced Flow Meter : Flexim Brand

  Balanced flow meters are recent additions to an established class of simple, rugged flow meters that contain no moving parts in contact with flow and are based on measurement of pressure drops across objects placed in flow paths. These flow meters are highly accurate, minimally intrusive, easily manufacturable, and reliable. A balanced flow meter can be easily mounted in a flow path by bolting it between conventional pipe flanges. A balanced flow meter can be used to measure the flow of any of a variety of liquids or gases, provided that it has been properly calibrated

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