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A+K Balanced Flow Meter’s : Basic Principle

The design of Balanced Flow Meter is base on Bernoulli Equation and Energy Conservation Law to realize Reynolds number matching, kinetic energy and momentum balance. According to unique equation and numerous real flow testing results, the size and layout of each function hole in the sensor have been optimized to meet the throttling and conditioning requirements. When fluid is running through the function holes, the flow is rectified, at the same time, the vortex, kinetic energy loss, dead-zone effect and signal fluctuation of the pressure tapping point are significantly reduced, forming an ideal. Adopting high-quality wear-resistant and 6-75mm thick throttling element, Balanced Flow Meter (BFM) detects the differential pressure and realizes flow calculation inside the transmitter, then outputs a 4-20mA current signal which represents the flow rate value.

A+K Balanced Flow Meter’s model selection is finished in professional software developed by American A+Flow Tek company. This software contains over 100,000  groups of site experimental data and over 1,700 physical medium base. According to the parameters by end-users, the data can be calculated quickly and accurately to give optimal designed solutions and guarantee the fluid measurement.


Main Advantage

NASA Patented Multi-Hole Technology





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